Things you can’t see may be miserable or debilitating 

Whether you work hard or your disabled or in excruciating pain or a mind easily distracted or having voices and delusions or dementia Alzheimer’s or perhaps personality issues. LIFE can change in an instant. May be over a life time. But the difficulty we have we didn’t ask for. To be so much hateful for yourself
Or those who are not too
Able to do something that seems to be a opportunity for them to be useful to society. Understanding of the fact most importantly a lot of people who are disabled can have a lot of unseen problems with mental health issues its not seen acted out. The person doesn’t show depression all the time. And the hallucinations sometimes calm down. But the reasons for so many med changes is the difference in degrees of the diseases. Understand that people can be pretty much in the useful state or it seems like they are.I apologize to everyone thAt I may seem ok or doing better.But my problem come with a little nudge from a whole lot of triggers. I can’t depend on what would be the beginning of months or years like in my past. But suffering becomes a lot of things. To lose years because of a medication that gives helps too a persond thoughts then robs them of other things that are every bit of a issue. With the mind and physical health the two are so much interconnected and whether seen or not it can be debilitating!
Herb Regan

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