This was a comment this morning on an Ireland post but it has A lot of meaning to a lot of parents who are desperate to see their grand kids. But aren’t given a chance because of problems their parents have. The don’t know how important it is to work issues out with their parents and family so they take their anger out and never try too forgive one person or half their families and their parents never see the grand kids but spend hours each day thinking about them. The Bible teaches forgiveness but for some they choose who to forgive and who not too. It doesn’t work that way. And I pray that all gods children could learn that Bible verses which are spread all thru the bible. And  actually. Don’t cause your parents and grandparents the pain of getting older or with illnesses that you know are terminal and not take that child to see them. And some parents hide that part of their family from thier children all together the child has no knowledge of them at all. It’s a disgrace but the Lord will face them alone also and he may not be happy with a grandparent and a father or mother. But he’s got the same judgement time for us all and too much time has passed to keep it up. If your embarrassed by your family that’s because of your own mind and thoughts that you choose. No one can make you feel embarrassed it’s what you feel about yourself. And if money is the problem let go of your arrogance and ignorance. Those are sins too. Sometimes the parent or grandparents have done awful things in their past but it’s a joke too say people can’t change. The do it continuously the Lord wouldn’t keep you with the same mind. And old traits can disappear over time the Lord can forgive you at any moment. With asking and striving to be a better person and a better Christian. People who have done wrong their whole life can ask God with their dying breath for forgiveness and he will grant it.The lord can change anyone even those who have been loved by someone their whole life and you’ve chosen to either hate or are embarrassed happen in our lives.But the Lord doesnt disown them he gives them the skills they lack to build themselves into a strong and true Christian. And sometimes he givez the person who your ashamed of what they needed to change everything about them. But if your just so much about yourself and the things you’ve accomplished and the crowd around you is more important than i don’t feel sorry for you or for my past. Or current situation. I pray for your forgiveness but it’s your life and anything you may do isn’t something that is going to effect me personally but it will affect you. I’m not ashamed of myself for being who I am or anything that I’ve done the Lord has forgiven me for it and I’d take his forgiveness anytime over becoming like you. It’s not right too judge but it’s ok to be harsh in order to save a soul and hopefully point them in the Lords direction. If your an athiest I’ll pray you find am understanding of what is not only faith but reality. The Lord says if you don’t accept the son then you will never enter the gates of heaven. If you don’t have the Christian faith then don’t bother with me…

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