Opinions no matter whose opinion shouldn’t your own be the one to live by! 

Well is been a usually weird couple of holiday weeks.j usually get all different emotions, from the most honestly paranoid moments, to the most suspicious and the feelings of superior mindfulness. That’s part of the jokes I tell to break the mood. But it’s only my mood that it effects. And I’m exceptionally grateful to be able to change my moods by myself and I’m happy when someone else changes it. But first you need to let down your own fears in order to get over them if you don’t want to change no one can make you. They need to show you physically and mentally what they are being led to believe is the truth or the falsehoods that they personally want to follow. Like in today’s goverment. In America we have the best in the world with freedoms and rights to have every thing we need to see the truth. Yet as some still want to follow the falsehoods that abound us today in our free democracy. How can someone tell over 6500 lies that can instantly be proven without a doubt that they are lies misleading and told in a manor of the expertise of someone who can’t stop or has no shame of stating not once but after verification of it being a flat out lie go and state it again with a straight face and the expression of someone stating a truth that is exposed each time he repeats it. But his followers are what is the most unknown in human nature. How does someone not have the ability to see what is going on and not be upset or angered by it. Yet to follow every word every false statement that has tangible proof of it being what it is. But trump has found a needy bunch of citizens who are sucked in by his tone of voice and anger about like things. His hatred for race and religion and people’s disabilities. With his reasons that are clear to some. Like his praise for dictators around the world. Putin being his most adored by far. And His friendship with Kim in North Korea. A man trump has praised for the way his people have nothing but great things to say about. And they do what ever he asks with out questioning any of it. But Kim is showing that hes not afraid of trump by mot only defying him but never doing what trump wanted in the first place. They concluded all necessary nuke tests they needed and the missile test were concluded also they have the ability to hit the USA in any spot they want. So TRUMPS scare tactics didn’t work and his offer to let them become a friend of United States has just given them the time to become stronger. Donald created the opportunity for kim to keep treating his people the same way and lower his humanitarian crisis standings in the world by asking for sanctions too be eased. Then of course he’s leaving Syria and the most horrible person Assad to finish decimating his own people who he will use as terrorist. And slaves and continue to kill in most horrible ways. And do it with Putin’s help. And Trumps blessings. And the Iranian rebels in the region will be closer to Israel. Isn’t Israel one of trumps closest friends. Is most important country too protect in the region? Were has his loyalty to Israel gone? Hes given the go ahead for bordering Arab nations to let Iranian rebels to have bases for attacking Israel. And his loyalty to the Kurds has shown that Donald who asks first for total loyalty from his staff and ever human yone around can’t be depended on for his promises loyalty either. The man is a sad state of human kind. But those who can’t see it are the real injustice he’s done he’s made them appear to be followers of his because of his retoric and lies and he’s great way of lying. Yet these people are people who cant see the truth because their people who can’t think for themselves the need to have someone lead them. That’s all it is. He’s a hateful ignorant man who like Hitler and Putin want full control over everyone and thode that don’t agree with him he doesn’t waste time proving that he is right instead he trys destroying them by firing them or getting so rialed up with false statements about them and the most out ragest lies that are so easily seen through by those who can see what was in the past and what led too the moment and by thinking for themselves they can figure out what is a falsehood and what the truth is. There are those in this world who ask questions of themselves about what reality is. And those who follow by the actions and words of a great speaker but don’t question the validity of what’s being said. 
Herbert j Regan Jr . 

January 2 2019

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