Why we stopped trusting elites

Why we stopped trusting elites


  1. Funny thing is that the liberals trust in people to not be corrupt. But the republicans are supposed to be conservative. But theyve seemed to have lost the religious beliefs about the poor who they’ve given up on them their never included until iys election time and republicans being up abortion. That’s the only religious thing they ever talk about. Theyve stop thinking the lords laws about providing for the poor but they vote to cit them off of healthcare and cash and food stamps and the basic of support and they call themselves christiams and they find ways of benefiting the richest in the community well giving the poor less. And one thing that is sticking out an needs to be mentioned is that there are many liberals who dont believe in abortion amd many Republicans who believe in individual rights and are believers in abortion. So now it’s not enough to say that the way people vote are. Moving awsy from the abortion rhetoric. The liberals are finding so much more corruption in the Republican party 

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