After 30 years of being alone along came Debbie Lynn annarumo

Well it’s almost a year or will be in a few days since the best friend and girlfriend died last December 1st and its been more twists and turns along the way. I get a lot of memories and then none at all. It seems I block out things when their the most important thing to remember. But I’ve tried and failed at starting new relashionships and I guess it’s because I can’t get over that special person who taught me a lot about love and living in someone else’s life.There’s the give and take of feelings that grow rapidly then at times very painfully slow.but that togetherness and knowing you’ll have someone there the next morning and by your side to share happiness and your sorrows. But the quiet moments watching tv or cooking together. But not noticing her pain is a wrong I’ll not live without being able to forgive myself for.She was so strong without mentioning it or having no tears in her eyes from what she felt. She loved her family totally nothing she wouldn’t be able to do for them.And if she found out that they didn’t ask her to help or be part of their lives at any moment she was upset with herself for not figuring it out. But she was there for friends and especially me.I pray I didn’t ever take her for granted but being human it’s almost impossible to not take someone we love that way. At some point we do and have to suffer thru that moment over an over after unexpectedly losing them. The Lord took her and no one can argue about that very long. He needed her more then we did maybe in order to help us find something that is most important to our lives. Or her pain was going to become to much for her. He protects us from enduring something so awful that it may diminish our quality of life. Or from something devastating he arrainges for things to fit his purpose and if our lives are meant to be some sort of great thing like a learning experience to make us stronger than we could have been otherwise. But thank you Lord for bringing Debbie into my life and bringing her family as a part of our shared lives together and for bringing the feelings of love šŸ’˜ and teaching me that you can never know when someone is dropped into your thoughts and prayers and the love that starts out of no where but it gives so much in such a small amount of time.I haven’t forgotten the feelings Debbie gave me and those charished moments nor do I want too. Love you Debbie .

Herbert j Regan Jr.

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