Losing a friend or the opportunity for a friendship by ignorance given to us by denying ourselves the chance to clear up hatred and anger 

Hate when I never had the option to take photos of a loved one because I didn’t have a phone or camera in time before their death and missed so many chances. But sometimes even after 8 years it’s hard to remember things about them. But in the Times since I’ve missed opportunities with others who meant the world to me. Some friends and family. And even those antagonizing and people who we think we hate or those who we feel we dispize but after their gone we think of what we learned from those enemies and start changing be realizing why they were that way. Were they hateful towards us or did we deserve their strong ire towards what we did with out knowing why it hurt them and bring them to treat us the way they did. Or was their opinions about us have a start somewhere else or from their feelings about a person who was family or friend. An then there was the jealous reasons that we had pride in. There are those who are gone. Now that we think about when we don’t see them or don’t Get the same satisfaction out of the way we had them to complain about or argue with. We think how useless it was for the both of you too be angry with or so full of hatred that it stops you from getting gradifcation of the joy of beating them at something like knowing more about anything or just feeling of being superior in some sense but now their gone an if hour a human being you start to wonder what all that anger and hate was worth. Was there an incident or belief that started it all But you put up with the anger and hatred for a reason that maybe wasn’t worth feeling that way. You lose so much more with an unanswered feelings that you just let continue for no reason other than to teach someone a lesson. Was it worth that hatred to continue an not be resolved while the person was here. You lose out learning the good in another persons life and the knowledge of what went on in their world why was their anger or another thing to think of is what the person did in their personal lives that you could have thought was a great thing. What have they sacrificed and what were the things that they championed that could have given you a reason to look up too them. Was there some achievements they acquired that would have impressed you. Never count anyone as being lacking in morals or accomplishments because of a incident that brought you too quick anger or a problem that your family may have had with there family. Find if you like someone not by other persons reasons. By talking to a person you find incredible thinks that if you knew may have led to a great friendship. Or at least an understanding as too what may have led to the ill feelings towards each other. 

Herbert j Regan Jr.

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