An inspiration comes in all forms an from all places

If someone else from a different faith says something wonderful about God or makes a statement that is perfect in love with your feelings for the Lord do you give credit where its due? Or do you attempt to deny which faith you got the message from? Do you try to forget those words because your a Christian and they can from a faith that you don’t believe in? Or do you take those words an apply them to your daily regimen of prayers to your own God and apply them to your daily thoughts and spread the word in your circle of friends and your teachings in your congregations. Taking meaning that is good and godly that may inspire or help someone find a simpler way of thinking about things whether it’s from a totally different religion doesn’t mean that the message within those words is wrong or harmful. Its what it means too you that draws you closer to your own God and displaces your anxieties and fears that pull you away from God then bless that person who ever it is because if they involved the message that makes things easier for you to get a good feeling towards others and makes your life closer too the Lord he put those words too your ears or eyes he was instrumental in what you took out of what a non believer said for a reason maybe too bring a feeling that those who are not part of your crowd aren’t always your enemy. Maybe there a likenesses which we can all benefit from. Maybe a conversion of souls can become easier. But the Lord will teach us that were not far apart from finding a closer way to find our Lord thru each other. To not believe something because of where it comes from is ludicrous believe in the words that effect your heart and soul and bring a better understanding of what the Lord brought to you.

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