Political and racist 

People make jokes about the right things and jokes about the rediculus. Then say there is no sense in voting for any office.. Is this the natural way man in America take the values our ancestors have fought an died for!!!! So you can sit on your ass with SSI and social security benefits and pensions after 25 years of working an a bit of 401k… You think if not voting for the people who are supposed to keep you free and have a strong faith based goverment. Keeping you free is a hard job that you make worse by not voting any good lying politician who wants your money and lack of control over too corrupt the goverment an give in to a corrupt dictator loving leader and his communist cohorts that has lied and been caught over 5000 times in 2 years and with the ego too transform good American people into feeling that racism is fine and should be legal too treat people according to their demented minds might want. And too believe any good can from from this lying mans ideology that is in any way possible as a Christian or any religion other than a satanic temple of doom. Then we deserve to be unprotected by anything that God could love as his people. Including all religions and the the races and the nationalities of every living human on this planet. Without the interest in voting and not only stopping there. We need to stand and be heard. Has any nation in history been successful that didn’t believe in God yet all nations wanted freedoms but so few have ever gotten. We’ve struggled as a infant nation founded as for free men under the belief in our religious freedoms and the protection of the goverment without any corruption of communism and dictatorships and facist presidential leadership’s the wealthy alone were never meant to control the people who fought and died for the freedoms too live free. Yet if voting wasn’t worth the effort then we wpuld have never done it. There wouldn’t be any reason to feel the protection oc the goverment from its beginning. There would be no use for the invention or words like democracy and freedom of state. And no use for money because the strongest at the moment would have total control and give orders by the ends of whips. Like the times that Moses had finally been sent as gods savior to the Hebrews and Christ as his only son too the Christians amd eventually too all of mankind. There would be know meaning in life and God the father would have had no reason to create this universe and the life forms here or anywhere his holy spirit would never been created to help you along the way. There would be no reason for anything not even Satan you need to prove worthiness too the Lord he doesn’t owe you more then you can possibly return too him. But to not vote your not trying to carry on with standing not only as a people but as a people of God.Show the world how great America is and its strength of protecting of its freedoms for itself is second in line too protecting the world because we’re all children of God.
Herbert j Regan Jr. 10/29/18

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