Writen in frustration in love and anger but mostly in loneliness

People only can be positive about what they can see. They can’t see why but can sometimes see what happens but they can’t see how anything affects you inside they only have what they experienced. You don’t see things like a broken heart or things lime degrees od sadness or how your happiness is really. Making you feel. Mainly with me they can’t see the levels of depression and I will do my best too not let them see it all. And they dont have any clue of how irritating the voices are against everything that is real and their loud arguing with you is in intensity. Or the mind numbing torture of everything that their re)ing you. You know what the right thing too do but with the pressure they put on you makes you chose the wrong way of doing whatever it is. They dont understand how no matter what you say you are wrong because their too ignorant about what yoy do know you will always be wrong as will your frustrated response to their ignorance of the reality of all those like you . people don’t see what is really going on in the minds of mental illness sufferers. Their too ignorant too even realize it. They think your not smart enough to try too hide feelings an thoughts your whole life has made you so much better at hiding emotions then they are of explaining what your feeling but never try too tell them thet don’t understand because they will try so hard to convince you that they understand completely and nothing your experiencing is as bad as you think it is. PLEASE DONT TRY TOO UNDERSTAND ME! YOU NEVER WILL SAVE ME THE PAIN OF TRYING TOO EXPLAIN BECAUSE YOUR THE ONE WITH THE BLOCKED MIND AND TBE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS TRYING TO GET PAST YOUR MENTAL BLOCK WILL NEVER BE POSIBLE TOO OVER COME FOR YOU. THE REAL IDIOT IS TBE ONE WHO SAYS THAT THEY UNDERSTAND THEN TRY TO PROVE YOUR WRONG WHEN YOUR MIND IS SO MUCH MORE COMPLEX THEN THEIRS.

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