Is the same the same as the same

Why when we write do we all take the same approach the same words or different ones that mean the same. Which the english language Sometimes has the same words with two of more meanings and spelling the same but two totally different words.We have different themes but the same context in the end of the sentences Its the same punctuation but different inflections of emotion attached to them change the meanings. Everyone has a different passion with the same intentions.Why do two poets use the same theme and meanings but different words to express the same thoughts. Are poets deeper thinkers the the novel writers, or is the dream of a fiction writer easier then the research of a biographer who only writes truth and facts. Is truth the same in one incident for two different autobiographies when in the same moment between 2 different subjects and muses. Though we are all here in the same moment of time we lead completely different lives. No two are the same in the same moment in time. Is the love shared between two individuals the same exact feelings or do we each love the same amount. Are pains joys and sorrows the same if it effects two or more of those connected to the same incident. The answers are NO. We are different an not meant to be the same in anyway, shape, or form.. If you want to be someone else because of what appears to be a better life or someone people like more then they like you. Your not supposed to be me and your not supposed to have what I have. Every identical twin doesn’t have everything the same they may look exactly a like but it’s because you haven’t seen the physical differences yet. Your not paying attention enough to see their differences and their minds are not identical either. They may finish each other’s sentences but its more from being around each other so much. But life is life is life!

Herbert j Regan Jr.

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