Giving your blessings to someone else’s benefit.

I really hate mornings like this i slept well and not in as much pain as last night. But I feel angry and don’t have a reason why I’m feeling frustrated and a lot of stiffness in my neck but it’s not painful yet. There’s sometimes a feeling of being not any good will come out of today.But if I dont have something to expect from the day then all i see is a wasted time. And going thru the day I know the pain will show up but if I don’t have something to look forward to on certain days of the week and its going to be nothing but increasing pain and depression and anxiety. And a unknown reason for the paranoia that comes from not knowing what is going on. And with no plans I often feel like why bother. But the lord gets me up and I’ll do what’s expected of me and pray for the ability to get thru it as best as impossible. Then I await for the Lord too stick something special in my path that breaks this feeling. And he always does. I love the surprises he shows me out of no where. There’s always a special part of every day. I dont know what time of day its going to be. So to not get up and do something is a bad situation. The Lord provides new friends or a old friend that has a great event in their lives that make me happy. And thats a great reason to get up and out. Sometimes the best that happens in our day actually happens to someone else. Dont look at every blessing like it’s got to happen to you. Look at the other person’s happiness and bless them with your daily prayers and feelings of thanking the lord. Don’t be stuck on your own luck and well being. Look and thank God for someone else. The lord will make your heart lighter for it and who knows maybe tomorrow he’ll bless you the same way.

Herbert j Regan Jr.

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