Blindly following

Its ok too seek the arms and kindness from others without fear. But with a slight caution never meant to be a constant thing. And God knows at times we question others and yes we question God’s decisions.Is questioning his then all right. Is it ok to question a person. Blind faith is what we have in our God so is it ok to have blind faith in anything we want or anyone’s words of love or kindness and support. Trusting in each other is something that people have to do. To just take the chance or trust in yourself and judgments are what makes the trust and feelings of another person bring us joy and companionship and love it’s not always there without one little piece missing. And a piece being gone even for a moment causes havoc. But to have trust is the best way to a total happiness on earth. And it’ll be key to getting a life in eternity with God’s love

Herbert j Regan Jr

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