Immagration and a foolish man

If countries are required to reimburse the United States for its cost of each immigrants healthcare and snap benefit which should be their responsibility in the first place. In sure the problems of not only costs for social problems would stop or slow down quite a bit and their government troubles would begin to change. Why should Americans lose the help they desperately need then adding the more expensive wall that some intelligent person has more then likely figured out how to breach the wall anyway by now.There is no structure man made that a man cant beat. Ingenuity is not only thought of by americans. And if theres a need man will find a way too beat the problem. But thru the pockets of man he can stop anything better by sanctions and strict rules of deporting and taking away from the people who are letting their citizens come here and costing them cash the problems would lessen.Maybe countries will sure up their own borders. TRUMP seems too want to be known for fixing the problem with cash America cant afford. Hes wanting to create his own Wall of China it’s more a big ego thing. he’s a bully not a leader he thinks everyone should bow to him an that we praise him. But how does a lying president get so many people to follow him. loving him his personality and strength that come across to put the fear in people demanding respect thru dead is so false it’s fear and hatred but he doesn’t understand how to be honest he’s fooling the country by fooling himself.

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