John McCain Republican but decent man

Were you a prisoner who was held captive for 5 years. Struggling to stay alive for those years of abuse that was confirmed by him and many others and even acknowledged by his captures. And his survival with the extreme amount of intelligence even with problems of memory that haunted him. At every day those memories he faced and sometimes his decisions had to contain thoughts of his horror from then. Yet you call him a coward! I’d like to know why. Besides Donald trump making that same statement. He’s a man that never faced war and never been held captive to anyone. First everyone else who faces an enemy during any war situation is a hero just for going when called or volunteering for duty to make that choice alone is the making of a hero. And during non war times a man or women who signed up and went too basic training and served their time for for country not knowing if a war would breakout at any moment is a hero. But your statement about any soldier who severed in peace time or war time as a coward, its something I don’t think any soldier would call another who faced any time as being held a prisoner of another country’s military a coward is a man who did desert his country. But one who got caught and fought for his life too return home and do what john macain has done?? His service to his country never stopped until his death he’s more an American then you are. I’m not a Republican in any sense of the word. But I always thought the opposite of what he would think and laws he’s been apart of creating but every one is entitaled to their opinions and this man was also. And so are
you. So what you think no one can force you to think differently. But I can try to show you my opinion that’s the American way. People in the Republican party at this time don’t realize that we are close too relinquishing the freedom of speech and alot of other freedoms by thoughts that were all wrong and should be forced to give up our freedom to where we all have the same thoughts just because one group thinks it’s opinions should be followed by everyone. Giving up personal freedoms of having a choice and standing up for that choice will lead you into jail or execution by the hands of people who believe in their own decisions and opinions and dont believe others right to choice. it’s Is a communist state and if you think we’re not headed that way thats a choice you have a right to think. And I’m sure you would never consider giving up the right too having it. America was built on freedoms we have enjoyed since its inception. And to have anyone of them removed from law is a shame to every soldier who’s fought for our rights too them an i can’t imagine anyone who has died fof this country feeling differently. We will always argue against a person’s choice that we have a difference in feelings about. But that’s what has made this the most wanted land for people of the world too envy and try to emulate and its taken this long to get it as good as it is and too destroy it’s meaning and purpose for the belief in one rich mans dream of changing for his personal beliefs you throw out the best of governing in the world its just wrong.

Herbert j Regan Jr

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