The complacency of the American people

Its always lies and the American people aren’t questioning things and standing up to make the truth be told. In all that is said its important. Yet I can’t understand it. Talk about the complacency of the American people it’s up too you to demand truth and transparency. Without having a voice or using it what ever they decide is what’s going to happen. TRUMP might be alright without his need to falsely inform the public and his secrecy of meetings with foreign leaders. And his love for people who are killers of their own people and enemies of the United States since the founding of Russia and the Soviet union. He’s admitted their interference in our elections yet hasn’t done very much too punish or block it from happening again. Yet his lies are overlooked and no one calls him on it enough to try to make him stop. And his family making fraudulent claims even found to purposely deceive the American people. Isn’t there laws against it. But TRUMP feels he’s above the law. And his interest in dictators and his beliefs that no one can make him accountable for anything its a dangerous game he’s playing he’s already proven that he’s got ideas of being a dictator and have people not speak up against him. He loves how people in North Korea listen to everything that kim says and never question him praising him constantly without regard to what the country goes through. Is TRUMP the way of the future hes destroyed the Republican party who only have themselves to blame and in the fallout of whats coming they don’t deserve to be in office they’ve shown how weak they are and how their attitude towards him makes them as unamerican as he is. He’s frightened of Putin or he wants to be another putin which is it. The Republican leaders are afraid of him is your personal fear worth losing the best democracy and the best constitution ever written and the bill of rights that you so love the 2nd amendment rights but have no interest in the others that protect our country from take over by communist wannabes mean nothing to
You.the world’s changing and without a USA being intact it doesn’t have a chance for freedom of the people anywhere on earth greed and power are all that matters to Republican party leaders and a brain washed fox news watchers belief that their party is doing what’s best for them while you lose everything that you believe in. Your stupidity is amazing and scary. Think for yourself don’t always accept things as fact from one party chose to keep an open mind to not follow anything so completely you don’t see warning signs. The American people deserve to be the best in the world it was founded by God in your need to feel better than the rest of the world you need to find the Lord in it. Losing the feeling of sticking it too your own people. And realizing your no longer the Christian nation God blessed you with helping each other the rich the poor and the belief in peace on earth and the good Samaritan to the world without so much bigotry and racism and beliefs that everyone has a right to live and prosper as much as the next person. We’re not always is against them But letting live as we live. God’s not for TRUMP and his rich getting richer and richer. But if you believe he’s going to reward your help with anything more then having you be as poor as the rest of the middle class which has already proven to be we’ve become a country which treats the rest of the free world like shit.And the. Dictatorships of the world as role models for his take over of the American dream and it’s free markets an honesty towards its own people making fools out of all Americans. I just can’t believe how he’s rhetoric of anger and treating everyone else like shit hasn’t gotten thru to you yet that he’s not going to be helping you financially or with any health care that his followers are going to be able to afford. His constituents and followers are not rich people at his rallies. You’ve been called uneducated and rednecks and people who believe his hard talk about what he’s going to start getting rid of every person of government in the world He says is causing problems with what he calls your birth rights foreign policy and immigration and tax reform that you still haven’t realized that your getting so much less an the rich are actually closing industries and not increasing income for anyone and that bonuses only happen once and how much has your wage increase or bonus helped and is it still helping day to day. You’ve gotten wrapped up in a bad person’s words an attitude but for what. To be poor and be servants to a corrupt system and rule of the land that’s already losing freedoms. Keep your guns for the revolution that you created and the values you gave up tbat the rest of the world praised and have dreamt about having your greed and selfishness has taken it away there will never be a democracy like ours and it’s being robbed from us by a fake underserving President that the people didn’t vote for he lost the election but because of rules made decades ago because of issues with ex slaves we as a people had to accept a President that lost the people’s vote. Yet in the wake of this we’re still not talking about giving the vote back to the people where’s that in the talk of the Congress or excuse me it’s because of the Republican Congress that its not being spoken about.

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