How can you justify so many lies and call him the greatest

Trumps followers aren’t stupid they for some reason can’t see the constant lying and finding trust in trump from some place can’t seem to find.How the actual truth is something when reported they are blocked from understanding that the truth isn’t valid for them. To not research the facts for themselves is something that they don’t care too do. But with the internet it is all there for the viewing. They’ve been sucked in because of the tough talk. The words and the way they were spoken seemed too be truthful but the leaving out parts of the truth like legalities of the constitution and actual lies about the world and leaving out the parts of the what he was going to do. Until he got into office he’s totally lied and flipped himself over to have not been honest about so many campaign promises like his tax cuts and the middle class and tax breaks to benefit them but in stead he cut taxes for rich companies who’ve donated to his own pocket and there’s yet too see what percentage of saving regular citizens would get.But fact is if you got a raise that actually works too benefit you or raise your life’s standing or pay your bills that’s great. But the reality is has trumps tax and income increases actually done Any thing for you? Being honest have things eased up are you actually able to save much out of your paycheck?the raise you have received is it enough to enjoy a better lifestyle? I hope it is but fact is that most job creation is still minimum wage. And parents needing to have two jobs isn’t enough hours in the week of working every day isn’t enough for a family of 4 too live on. And they’ve become the working poor. A phrase not udderd by any Republican in office. But the middle class doesn’t exist any longer. Its either lower 1st class or higher rich class. Or the poor and with TRUMPs giving every break to cooperate taxes and the so called middle America class you’ve got almost nothing. Your bonuses you’ve probably already spent. And most will not get another one until trump runs for office again just enough to buy your vote his eyes and the eyes of the Republican party the poor deserve less. And actually doesn’t deserve even talking about except taking even more away from them. But a lot of the poor most arent using the system but are untrained for jobs offering enough to get out of the system. Those who abuse it anymore are people who are have better ways of making money illegally. On the side that is the only way they can live people aren’t told about actual amounts they receive it’s not enough to live on but with no training it’s is all easier to make money the government doesn’t know about. And with the illegal gangs pushing for them to become part of their organizations you make enough to have more then the average person. On government subsidies. Those are the ones benefiting from government handouts the money from the government isnt enough for anyone to live in anyplace better the housing prodjects and the urban slums are not filled with lazy people these people are mostly honest and have lived there because of injuries and other types of illnesses and what is spoken about people who are mentally ill and no one wants too give them a job. Because of the stigma attached to anyone who need a medicine for any type of mental health problems.They Will never get a job that pays them enough too live on. SSI only allows less then 15 hours a week and never more then minimum wage. With medicine cost their is no way you can survive on SSI which is called a supplemental social security and that should mean you can have a job and this program is just to be a part of it that will help you to be in a better position financially with your check from working to help with healthcare needs because of a problem that stops you from earning any wage. But those on social security disability benefits who are listed as having a full disability which to me means that you can’t work at all. You receive benefits going back 10 years you receive a payment of an average over that time period. But you are still allowed to work and make 900 more on top of your social security benefits payment to you. So a person listed as perminitely fully disabled can work and make 900 dollars a month and have medicare. Thing is that if you make more in one month a penny more then 900 dollars you lose your Medicare and your SSD for a certain time period. An on SSI you lose your Medicare which only a person fully disabled can receive. YOU receive it because of having a and full disability but you didn’t work at a steady job for a 4 year time period and your Medicaid and your monthly payment. So if your able to. work but have a disability that limits your ability to work full time but you can still work enough to be able to live on with a little less help from your goverment income your actually not allowed to. It doesn’t make sense to me. That a partially abled person can’t actually make enough to live on that they need less help but then a person fully disabled is allowed is allowed to make so much more money by working. To me a fully disabled person shouldn’t be able too work.