Losing democracy for only a few bad men’s need for control

No matter who you are or what you strive to be your going too complain about things. Knowing There are others who have it worse then you. And you’ll survive it better then they will.but yet your going to gripe about it anyway like I do and I really don’t want to but then again it’s part of life that we all indulge in from time to time or should I say day after day. Is it your health thats today’s issue or is it your money situation or your most unfavorable opinion of your politicians and their corruption of the country. But complaining is even more a human condition then being grateful for everything you have. We dont appreciate things that are simply things we’re blessed with. But we act as though we’re intitaled too them we have every right to expect things even our freedoms in this nation yet we’re willing too lose them because of the fear to stand up for them and our right too expect them. In the past protest and fights broke out when someone decided we didn’t have the right to have something. Today our Congress lies in hiding protecting their seats in the place that should be standing up for the bill of rights and the people of all political parties without any bias. We’re all Americans and losing any freedom we’ve known for centuries whether we used it or not there was a strong enough reason for people to die for it. Yet today we don’t exercise most of those things that caused this nation too be what it is. People want too be part of this country for good reason but too most Americans their voices will never be heard as the land of milk and honey is stripped of the freedom to be allowed speak our minds and everything will be decided by a few people as we lose the right to be part of what this land was fought hard too become. We’ve broken from lands of kings dictatorships and religious leaders who thought they were prophets. Thru out history people have died for those freedoms some want to take away. Proud families and soldiers who had the right frame of mind about your future and for generations have served unselfishly giving their very lives. But today they want to take away the rights of the press and too be able too lie too you so like in countries like Russia and China where the people don’t know what is going on outside their country or even know the truth of their own nation or where their headed because the few in charge are lying about everything. Is that what those brave minute men died for ,to become a communist country and one that steals from its own people and kills those who speak out against them. Well we’re already at the place where our democracy is being threatened from within our own government. Its been said a long time ago the only threat to a democracy of a free land would come from within itself. Are your voices to weak or your fears so great that you will let it happen. Stand up and be heard this is the land of free men and women of all races and ethnic groups and God fearing people who will do what it takes too remain free.
Herbert j Regan Jr