Too end racism we need to stop identifying ourselves by color

We all use words sometimes that are racist I’d used with that inclination. But every race does and it seems that only white people get in trouble for it. Its been said by many blacks the words cracker and honky and whitie but only whites get in trouble for it Its the majority who always has to pay for its violations of the racist card. There are rights white people have lost and continue to loose yet to take rights away from the majority like a right to gather in groups that are clearly stated as being for white people of the same nationalities or white organisations is illegal and can be shut down and fined and people going to jail. But too put the word black into the name of black organizations is fine it’s in names of Congress as the black caucus.and even a beauty contest as the miss black America contest. And the naacp. But it’s fine they can congregate in groups connected by the word black. The laws of equality don’t add up because of the laws concerning race rights aren’t even and blacks deny the rights of whites too even be close to equal.but then the realization hits that blacks don’t identify as nationality more then being or African heritage because of the way they became slaves brought to America and Europe and not knowing about nationality. Or countries of origin. In h
The times they were captured and brought here they didn’t identify as too area of Africa. So then they’ve only been known as african. But in this country their known by race as being niggros and colored and African American amd as blacks. How do we know for sure which words to use to describe them without offending them and the slang words keep changing and the rules of being a racist are changed to fit the need it seems.but people of all races are bigoted and predgitous and racist doesn’t matter the color of skin because its human nature to not like someone different because of a God given skin color.we will always stick to our own groups. Broken down in this country by things like skin color or religion or nationality or ethnicity we can be the same in some ways but we can all find a difference too consider ourselves different from the majority of others the color of skin is just the biggest and easiest to notice. But in today’s world with the acceptance of interacial mixing of creating new life we have people of mixed race and religions and ethnic groups and nationality. I love to hear someone say when asked what nationality are or where are your people from to say I’m an American instead of some country your ancestors come from. Its perfectly fine to be proud of your heritage as I am of being Irish and Italian. But to to say I’m an Irish Italian American is the way it Should be said some must say I’m European American because of so many times over an over ancestor ancestors have been mixed together ❤ but its becoming a world were no one is the pure race anymore Hitler tried to get every in the Arian race to take over the world but I’ve heard he wasn’t an Arian. Boy I hope I spelled that right I’ll have a lot of angry friends. But the world seen as getting further apart in racist or ethnic wars is actually getting closer no where else in the world are people intermixing racially an religiously and nationalities then right here in America what do you feel when you see a child who is of mixed race its not only whites and blacks it’s yellow red and brown and its in Christianity and Judaism and Islam it’s Buddhist and even atheist marrying into couples and families people are realizing that falling in love isnt int their control it’s in the Lord’s hands were all becoming one as a world of humanity the things that have separated us from each other are slowly disappearing we are changing the face of the earth by love and sometimes accidentally getting together with someone who is something we’ve always hated. But we hate because of the unknown or because of historical friction between our ancestors but we have something drawing is into new types of relashionships but too become less bigoted and racist we need to understand that things are changing faster now at bringing us together as a world without any hatred because of what we are. Were finding hatred for each other because of actions of people not color of people is the world’s melting pot amd we fight out opposition together those who challenge our freedoms. As a country that is free and others throughout the world envy it. But they have tried and given up or lost the vision of the American way of life but thing is it’s taken since Columbus to hone America into what it is. Our great democracy was created over all this time. We’ve learned along the way slowly with the dream of our forefathers we’ve gotten too this point. Hasn’t been easy there’s been a lot of mistakes and decisions that have taken centuries to get right if they were to just start out today to become a democracy they’ve got too understand even with our help its going to take a long time for their people to learn to be free but even freedom needs laws an restrictions but corruption never ends there greed and need for power in the minds and souls of man that honesty doesn’t have a heart sometimes people need to rise up we need wars at times there’s been wars and hatred since the garden of Eden and it will continue forever the Lord’s going to get us all together in heaven he’s not promised peace on earth in the time of man but in the time of heaven